Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Project Kite - Up Up & Away

The last day of term before the winter break and a slightly earlier finish than normal meant that Carl and I had a window of opportunity to get his kite up in the air. Since last posting about the hole in Carl's kite he's been home to South Africa and hooked up with a friend who gave him a lesson and got him on the right track.

With about 8 knots of wind we rushed to the beach with his 14m to see if we could have better luck than last time. It took us a while to detangle the lines, I guess that is something that you get better at with practice but finally got it sorted and all attached.

One final check and and few instructions from Carl and it was time to launch. As the kite filled with power Carl gracefully manouvered the kite up and then back down to land a few times then as his confidence build he worked the kite into the 12 O'clock position. There were a few mishaps but generally all was good.

I put my hands on the bar as Carl controlled to get some feeling of the kite although I am not sure if it was my fault that brought the kite down!

A couple more contolled flights and Carl got lifted by a gust which must offically go down as his first kite flight - although he flies Airbusses for a living so he is used to being in the air! Affter a slight bump, short drag and run to catch the kite we noticed a slight ding on the leading edge and had to call it a day. Those patches I bought are going to come in useful.

Overall a great fun session which represented a big stride forward for Project Kite.

More to follow...

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