Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Freeman Hammerton Leete Speed Ladder (FHLSL)

The FHLSL is a bit of family fun which will be run between Chris (Bahrain/Maui) Andrew (UK) and Tom (Maui) in the first instance. With all three riders currently in different locations it will be interesting to see how different conditions will affect the times.

The fastest rider will be the holder of the glass trophey. Tom is currently the fastest but Andy has got some new gear and the possibility of nuclear winds and flat water, Chris is currently without any speed gear but with an abundance of flat water in Bahrain and Tom based in Maui has both wind and waves but not much in the way of flat at the moment.

Tom's current best 100m speed is 37.3 knots
Chris's current best 100m speed is 33.2 knots
Andrew's current best 100m speed is 27.52 knots (which was recorded on a late in Kent with an 8.5m)
Pics and more details to follow...


  1. AF: 27.52 knots on a puddle (8.5m)

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