Friday, October 15, 2010

The Sunset Sessions

I knew that it was windy but didn't think that I would make it back in time for a session. We are so close to the equator that the days are quite short and with it light soon after 5am sunset today was 5:07pm. After rushing home I threw my gear in the back and rushed to the beach - so fast in fact that my gear fell out the back of the car, twice! I arrived at the beach, everyone was packing up but I quickly rigged my 5.6 and dashed out (the Bolt is proving to be really great here). The sun was just setting with the sky golden it was about as beautiful as Bahrain gets! Soon is was dark but I could just about see where I was going to stayed out for a while and had fun splashing around during my freestyle practice. Having not expected to get out on the water today I was super stocked just to get wet and wash off the day at work.

Heres hoping for some more action soon. BTW rushing back home my gear fell out the car once more, maybe I should be more careful! Luckily all that was damaged was my fin and I have plenty of new Black Project Fins on the way soon so that's not really an issue!

More to follow...

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