Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The return of Noon Island

So since arriving in Bahrain from Hawaii at the beginning of September I've hardly had the time to stop and think let alone type, but I guess that I wrote plenty over the summer so maybe it was good to have a rest from the blogging scene for a while. During my 6 week or so break I really did enjoy watching online footage from Cold Hawaii and hope that such coverage continues. More recently I have been checking out p as the winter swells start rolling in. Having left my trusty twin fin with Colin I keep seeing it pop up online (kinda makes me feel a little more connected with the island!)

It has been windless here, totally still for weeks and super hot. Yes I have kept busy, plenty of training, lots of running and even a biathlon last weekend which was somewhat fun. Trying to run between 30 and 40 km a week, keep in the gym and work on my swimming and biking. Work does seem to get in the way but I keeping active and ready as best I can.

At last the weather broke and today we were treated with a decent breaze, perfect for my 5.6 Bolt and 105 Sumo. It was great to see my buddy Carl getting some rides on his kite too. The water was perfect, about 28C with the air in the low 30's. After not being on the water in ages it felt amazing to be blasting about and chucking in some freestyle moves (I mean crashes of course!). As for the title of this post, Noon Island refers not to some deserted spot but one of the big ships that is mored just offshore where I sail here and it was great to see her again close up.

No, this isn't Noon Island!

So here's me hoping that's the longest I'll have to go without wind for a while, looks like to could be windy tomorrow too, heres hoping.

Hope all those in northern climes are not getting too cold!

More to follow...


  1. Good to see you back!! We are slowly edging into winter here at Hookipa with stronger winds and bigger waves! Last night I was going through my summer shots and saw and tagged dozens of you in mid air on your way to the elusive forward. You practiced harder than anyone on out there!! I remember how excited I got when I captured your first landing!! (maybe not your first landing but my first
    Looking forward to seeing Liz and you gracing our beaches and waters soon


  2. Hi Jimmie, the reason I was crashing so much is becuase I was working on different techniques to improve my forwards (btw forwards are a real simple more that I learnt when I was 18 some 15 years ago so nothing new!) so that I can work on some doubles. I must get you to put those on a CD for me and me send some $$ your way. Chat soon.