Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hydrophis lapemoides found in Amwaj

Also known as the Arabian Gulf sea snake seems to be living in the water here! I didn't realise that there were sea snakes here!

"The Arabian Gulf sea snake can be identified by its striking patterning, comprising 33 to 35 dark bands along the length of the body, contrasted against a background colour of yellow or pale green. The bands become significantly wider on the upper surface of the body relative to the sides, but are thin on the tail, which has a dark tip. The body is noticeably thicker and wider than the head, which is relatively small with a narrow, yellow band in front of the eyes. Like most sea snakes, the tail of this species is flattened and paddle-like, and helps to propel the snake through the water. Other adaptations to the living in the water include valved nostrils, which close when this species is submerged"

My friend's dog found one of these on the beach here at Anwaj islands... I wonder how many are in the water? Wanting to find out more I conducted some research; while there have been very few reports deaths from sea snakes worldwide bites from these little beasts can be fatal.

There are apparently a further 9 species of sea snakes in the tropical waters of the Gulf.

Hopefully there will not be more on this post!

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  1. "Sea snakes of various species are common in the waters off Bahrain and are often seen in large numbers."