Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bang comes the wind

Could the winter wind finally be here? I know that it is Elnino is Hawaii and they are getting gangbuster surf and light winds but when the wind turns off here there is nother, nout, nada, niente!

When it is windy there is a hope that my spot can be fun port tack jumping with onshore riding - which is strange as there really is no shore in sight. My spot still nameless actually is about 1km out from Amwaj but to get to it you need to make you way upwind about 3km first. Close up to the wall that surrounds Amwaj islands it is a little like the corner in Pozo and you can get some decent air just be careful not to hit rock.

The above screenshot from Windfinder / Amwaj Isalnds predicts the best period of wind that we have had since arriving back from Hawaii in Aug, so to say that fingers are crossed is an understatement. Now I am trying to not too focussed just yet - it was meant to be windy today, it is not!

Stay tuned...

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