Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 American Windsurfing Tour (AWT)

The American Windsurifng Tour (AWT) is something that is finally a reality. For many years sailors have been questionning why countries such as the UK etc. have great wave tours but the USA with so much potential had vitually nothing.

Sam Bittner has changed all that and last year re-introduced the Pistol River Wave Bash and has worked hard to develop a full tour taking in both East and West coasts, Hawaii and Mexico. This is a proper WAVE tour with stops in great locations. At a time when there seems to be only a few wave events on the PWA calendar maybe a few more pros will be tempted to compete for a title and some exposure.

Unfortunately due to prior commitments I cannot attend the early events but have myself signed up for the Hatteras Wave Jam and the Maui Makani Classic and I am hoping that in 2012 I will be able to do the full tour.

OK so what does this mean for me? Well about time to get my competition shoes on. I have for many years dabbled at best with contests but competing in Hawaii last summer gave me that buzz again and perhaps had forgotten how much the pressure of being ranked against your peers makes you strive to raise your game. And raise my game I will sure have too as I feel that I have slipped somewhat. I'll have a good couple of months bump and jump training this summer in Maui and I used to live in NC and Hatteras was my local spot so it will be great to make a week of it and maybe visit some friends too.

You can be sure I will be taking my GoPro with me!

I will document my progress in preparation for the evenst here and be following the earlier tour stops. My wife Liz and I are currently packing our Bahrain bags, we have been splitting our time between Bahrain and Maui for 4 years and we are now finally moving back to the US full time this summer so all is coming together nicely.

Anyway more soon, but I just wanted to get it out there and kick start my prep, after all making it public makes you push harder.

Wind is on the way this week looks like 25knots bump and jump so that could be great :)

More to follow...


  1. Absolutely killer, I only wish I had more skills, I just started WS 3 yrs ago, and I'm ridiculous hooked, can't get enough.

    Good luck to you!

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