Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bird Island Crossing - The Planning

The plan is fairly simple, race from Amwaj to Bird Island. The race should be open to kiters and windsurfers and run when it is windy and warm with a holding period of April to June 2010. We will need a fair bit of boat and jetski backup for sure. Once there camp on the island and have the mother of all parties.... The island is small but perfect for camping.  
If there is enough wind there should be some ramps to jump throughout the channel and on the reef surrounding the island which is about 7 miles from the coast and probably 20 from Amwaj. I have sailed at Bird Island once before earlier in the year when my friend and I took gear over on the wakeboard boat and launched off the side.
Now the concept has been put in place it is time to research, plan and publisise the event.
Beautifully warm crystal waters are waiting...
Out for now...

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